I am one of those insanely fortunate souls that spends her professional time in a very personal way- I help people create spaces that bring them joy.  Home is a reflection of our spirit, our identification, and I feel honored each time a client enlists our company to help them create that space.

I am an Interior Designer and an Allied Member of The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).  I can certainly pull a room together with the right throw pillows and draperies, but my passion is for construction selections and space-planning.  I am also a Project Manager, which fulfills the nerdy, detailed, “type A” side of my personality.

I have been practicing Interior Design for 16 years in myriad ways ranging from new construction to remodeling, residential to commercial, and multi-million dollar homes to modest cabins in the woods.  I find something to love with every project, big or small, and the variety suits my curious spirit.

I am a lover of life!  When I’m not in the office I’m a girl-on-the-go with a penchant for cycling (I’m a bike commuter as well), music, yoga, cooking, traveling, reading, gardening, spending time with a community of lovely humans, and anthropomorphizing my cats. I am a word nerd, a sucker for Scandinavian design, and I’m obsessed with Neil deGrasse Tyson.