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Steve Kuhl

CEO, Creative Director

Business Development, Micro-manager

Defining Characteristics:

particular, creative, good (usually), honest (always), non-linear, occasional pain in Dan’s butt

Secret Fantasy:

do field/construction work once in awhile…like he used to do

More About Steve Kuhl:

I have been building since leaving my diapers, and yes, that was many years ago. Check out the little article on one of my first projects. I learned my passion for the act of creation from two men: my step father, Cody Edwards, and my grand father, George Grooms; both showed me, through completely different avenues, the importance of curiosity and passion for ones’ calling. I began wrecking things at the age of three. By the time I was five I started to figure out how some of it went back together. I have continued the process of demolition, examination, and rebuilding since then. This is how I process my business, my mind, and my spirit; I am always looking for new means of creation and I love what I do.

I pursue a few passions, some relating to my work, others not. In total, I have spent more than a year of my life in the Quetico, which is the Canadian wilderness area north of the BWCA. (click here for an official KDB Quetico Camping checklist). If I had to push a pin in a map to identify the one place on earth where my soul resides it would be the Quetico. Go there if you can. In fact, call me if you want some advice on good fishing spots. That is where I go to find my center, each spring and fall of every year. I play acoustic guitar, but not as much as I should. I am a woodworker, metal worker, and maveric mechanical engineer. I am happiest when I get to build something I can touch.

My first business

I started my first business at Glen Lake Elementary School, in Minnetonka, at the age of 11. I was a candy pusher, although I preferred the title ‘confection facilitator’. The school forced me out of business within a couple of months because I was disrupting the student body, or at least the metabolism of the student body. To this day the school still disallows students from selling candy in school. I am (sort of) proud of that.

My Second Business

When I was seventeen I hijacked my older sisters phone line to use for my next business; hence the beginning of Kuhl’s Contracting, a company that provided painting and cedar roof restoration services. That company still exists today, stronger than ever. In fact, we still use my sister’s old phone number for our main company line. She stopped charging me royalties back in the early 90’s.

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