Photo of Pete Denboer

Pete Denboer

Special Projects & Restoration

Insurance Expert

Defining Characteristics:

Motivated, stubborn, opinionated, relatively decent guy.

Secret Fantasy:

To tee it up at Pebble Beach with John Daly.

More About Pete Denboer:

I grew up in St Paul and spent a lot of time after school in my father’s construction shop – a very fun place when you’re a kid.  At 17 I got my first construction job and worked hard, but really enjoyed it.  At 19 I was drafted into the US Army; upon returning I went right back into construction, and have been there ever since.  Starting in the early 80s, I spent 15+ years as a Property Adjuster then finally came back to my senses and went back to the construction side of the restoration business.  I enjoy all the great people I get to meet and all the different houses I get to see.

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